12 Boutiques In Beirut Where You Can Find Adorable Baby Gifts

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There is nothing more adorable than babies. They bring out the best in us. They make us smile and giggle, melt our hearts, and a simple look at them filled us with love.

And when we want to buy them a gift, we do go around looking for something as adorable as they are.

So here is a list of a dozen of these cute boutiques in Beirut where you can find a variety of cool and cute baby gifts.

Located in the heart of downtown Beirut, Cookie Dough Boutique is a charming place to shop fantastic gifts for the little angels, from stylish clothes to colorful baby playmats.

#2 Smol Store

Located in Tabaris, Smol Store is a multi-brand shop that offers numerous adorable decorative and useful objects such as stuffed pets, cloud pillows, soft blankets, and even cool furniture like Teepee beds and the like.

#3 Mamas and Papas

A UK-based nursery brand, Mamas and Papas boutique has outlets in Jnah and ABC Verdun in Beirut. The shop offers a range of items, including pushchairs, and exclusive baby gift boxes and toys for any occasion, such as christening, baby shower, and so on.

#4 Bonpoint

If you’ve ever wondered where to get baby skincare, then you should head to Bonpoint in downtown Beirut. Not only does this place has special baby gift boxes, but it also sells handcrafted, soft newborn apparel.

#5 My Trendy Room

A concept store that carefully chooses the best products for kids, My Trendy Room is a fashionable place located in Omar Daouk street in Beirut.


Le Bouquet Baby sells unique nursery furniture, animal-shaped gift boxes, wooden nesting blocks, and fluffy hats among many other items. The boutique can be found in Hamra, Mazraa, and Sin El-Fil.

#7 Raw’s Baby Boutique

Located in Hamra, Raw’s Baby Boutique has adorable and magical clothing sets to spoil the little ones as well as some cute bow-tied hats.

#8 Tartine Et Chocolat

Blankets, clothing, stuffed animals, nursery furniture, gift boxes, and anything that comes to mind can be found at Tartine Et Chocolat. The international brand has multiple locations across Beirut such as in Foch and in ABC Verdun.

#9 Sarah’s Palace

Sarah’s Palace is a one-of-a-kind shop to find the cutest and colorful baby accessories and clothing. Changing bags, toys, playmats, and even Baby Exercising Pillows with attached toys, are some of the best gift ideas you can find at this shop located in City Center in Hazmieh.

#10 Dodo Les Bobos

Located in Achrafieh, Dodo Les Bobos is a contemporary designer furniture and accessories store for babies and children. It offers minimalistic yet fashionable playmats and decor that could be great gift options.

#11 Jacadi

A well-known Parisian label, Jacadi offers exclusive products in Ashrafieh. Their nursery section includes fluffy and cute dolls, toys soft blankets, padded playmats, and crib bumpers, among other giftable items.

#12 Minimill

If you are looking to make a gift more personal, Minimill Boutique in Kantari has a large variety of quality products that you can have personalized by their skillful artisans for the little angels. The boutique also sells natural handmade soap.

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12 Boutiques In Beirut Where You Can Find Adorable Baby Gifts

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