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Boy In Lebanon Arrested After Being Filmed Torturing A Dog

An Internal Security Forces (ISF) policeman was found dead in a car on Tuesday.

A boy in North Lebanon who was filmed mercilessly torturing a dog has been arrested.

The video, which is too gruesome to show, spread on social media on Saturday showing a boy in Akkar in North Lebanon brutally torturing a dog by drowning it in the water several times and bashing its head against a concrete wall.

Right away, the Head of the Agriculture Department in Akkar gave calls and coordinated with the Lebanese Internal Security Forces and the Platoon Commander in El Abde near Akkar.

The security forces took the boy to the police station to be investigated. The boy admitted that the dog was alive after he was done with it, and ran away. People were rushed to the crime scene to look for the dog.

After the investigators and the lawyer in charge of the case searched for it, they luckily found the dog alive and took him to a veterinarian to be given the proper care.

The boy was arrested shortly after the investigation that exposed him for being an animal abuser.

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Boy In Lebanon Arrested After Being Filmed Torturing A Dog

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