Bakeries In Lebanon Increased Bread Price On Distributors

Nabil Ismail l Lebanese Examiner

On Monday, May 18th, a number of protesters gathered in front of the Ministry of Economy and Trade in Beirut, to protest against the high living expenses. Among them were bread distributors.

These distributors expressed their anger about receiving a one thousand gram bundle of bread from bakeries for 1,500LL, which doesn’t give them any margin to make a living.

“We came to the Ministry of Economy and Trade to claim our rights,” a spokesperson for distributors said. “We have a right to receive a commission as distributors as 1,500 LBP is the price set by the Ministry of Economy for the consumer.”

These workers appealed to Minister Raoul Nehmeh to find a solution that will do justice to all involved: bakeries, distributors, and consumers.

They also appealed to the Minister to restore the weight of the bundle to 900 grams so the 2,400 Lebanese citizens who work in this field can earn a fair livelihood.

Noting that the decision of selling bread to distributors at this price came on Sunday.

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