Bread Prices In Lebanon Increased

Despite the decrease in the price of flour by about $200 in the Lebanese market, as well as the drop in wheat globally by about $90, the price of a bundle of bread rose in line with the price of the dollar and fuel on the black market.

Today, the Ministry of Economy increased the bread price in large size to the limit of 20,000 LBP.

In this context, the head of the Syndicate of Bakeries in Mount Lebanon, Antoine Seif, confirmed to Annahar that, according to a study conducted by the Ministry of Economy, the price of the bread must change, due to the high exchange rate, fuel oil, and the operational cost.

Noting that the drop in the price of flour globally will not reduce the price of bread.

Because the bakeries import subsidized flour, which is still at 1,500 LBP, and therefore, the low cost of flour will not change the price of bread, and what will contribute to its increase is the rise in raw materials, in addition to the cost of diesel and electricity.

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