Bread Prices In Lebanon Reached 35,000 LBP On The Black Marke

Rita Flayfel

The bakeries in Nabatieh received this morning a small number of bundles of bread, not exceeding 10 for each store or shop, while the bundle was sold on the black market for 35,000 LBP.

Syrian families in Kafr Jouz Square seized more than twenty bundles of bread from a van belonging to a bakery in the South and paid for them.

People are resorting to buying cakes, pastries, and parchment bread, after the flour began to run out in bakeries, despite the lifting of subsidies and the increase in the price of a bundle of bread to 16,000 LBP.

Demanding the provision of flour, the Head of the Federation of Trade Unions and Employers in Nabatiyeh, “Hussein Wahbi Mogharbel”, stood by the bakery owners who staged a sit-in today in Al-Duweir.

β€œIf the flour runs out then the Bank of Lebanon should take the initiative to pay the credits and import wheat,” he said, stressing that β€œthe government must provide flour and set a plan to deal with it before it becomes a caretaker government.”

He pointed “to increase salaries and wages, as approved by the General Labor Union, and to pay the daily transportation allowance for employees and municipal workers, before the social explosion occurs.”

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Bread Prices In Lebanon Reached 35,000 LBP On The Black Marke

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