Bread Queues Are Back And Bakeries Are Closing One After The Other In Lebanon


In the morning on Wednesday, not only cars lined up in queues while stations closed their doors but also a big crowd in front of the bakeries. People waited in line for bread, hoping to find subsidized at its official price, because bread turned to the black market where the price of the loaf reached 2000 L.L.

Akkar governorate witnessed an unprecedented crowding of bakeries and food stores, whose shelves emptied since this morning of any bundle of bread, so people resorted to the bakeries in order to provide for their needs, fearing that they would stop selling.

The captain of the bakery owners’ syndicate, Ali Ibrahim, shared with Annahar that the director of Al-Zahrani facilities informed him that “he secured a car for the union, containing 27,000 liters of diesel,” and the syndicate distributed it to some furnaces, explaining that this amount is sufficient for only two days.

Ibrahim added that “many problems occur in bakeries because of the great anger and congestion of customers.”

Regarding the black market, Ibrahim indicated that the municipalities must play their role because the number of monitors in the Consumer Protection Directorate is not enough to monitor all points of sale in all Lebanese territories.

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