8 Breakfast Places In Lebanon If You’ve Been Out Partying All Night

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After a night out clubbing and dancing, hunger strikes in the early hours of the morning. Not sure where to head to find an open restaurant to serve you? Here is a list of restaurants that can satisfy your cravings.

Barbar, Hamra

Located on Spears Street, Barbar has the full package: appetizers, salads, main meals, sandwiches, fresh juices, and desserts. It is open 24/7.

Zaatar W Zeit, Zalka & Kaslik

Whether you are in the mood for a Mankousheh or a wrap after the party, head to Zaatar w Zeit. They have branches in Kaslik and Zalka, both of which are open 24/7.

Breakfast To Breakfast, Zalka

Just like its name indicates, Breakfast To Breakfast is the place to have breakfast at any time. Their branch in Zalka is always open.

Eddy’s Street Food, Jal El Dib

Crepes, hot dogs, Kaakeh, and baked potatoes are Eddy’s Street Food specialties. Bite into those delights to fulfill your hunger after the party.

Wooden Bakery, Jbeil & Zalka

There is nothing better than to have a typical Lebanese breakfast at Wooden Bakery. Their Jbeil and Zalka branches are always ready to serve you.

Makhlouf Restaurants, Dawra

Craving Shawarma in the early hours of the morning? You can take a hearty bite of the delicious Shawarma at Makhlouf Restaurants in Dawra.

Sea Sweet, Zalk and Zouk Mosbeh

If you have a sweet tooth, you can get everything from ice cream to Arabic sweets at Sea Sweet. Both the Zalka and Zouk branches are open 24/7.

Boneless 28, Multiple Branches

End the night gloriously with the famous Boneless 28 wraps. Even though they are not available 24/7, their branches are open until 4 AM on Fridays and weekends.

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