Breaking: 11 New Coronavirus Cases in Lebanon, Total of 267

Lebanon now has a total of 267 coronavirus cases
Anadolu Agency

The National Operation Room for Disaster Management revealed in its daily COVID-19 report that 11 new coronavirus cases have been recorded in Lebanon.

On Monday afternoon, March 23rd, the Operation Room released its 5th COVID-19 report. This report came a few hours after that of the Ministry of Public Health.

The Health Ministry had confirmed 8 new coronavirus cases in its report earlier today, after which the total of cases in Lebanon became 256.

Notably, the Health Ministry also said that there were 11 cases awaiting validation at Rafik Hariri University Hospital.

With the afternoon report of the National Operation Room for Disaster Management, the total has risen to 267 after the addition of 11 new cases.

In total, Lebanon has recorded 19 new coronavirus cases on Monday, March 23rd. The total number of deaths remains 4 as of the same date, and that of recoveries remains 8.

According to the Health Ministry’s latest data, the numbers of quarantined individuals and critical coronavirus cases remain at 7 and 4 respectively.

Furthermore, after the addition of the 11 cases today, the total of active coronavirus cases has risen to 255. This means the total of confirmed cases minus the recoveries and deaths.

The afternoon report said the Lebanese Army has closed 303 shops, dispersed 16 public gatherings in cities and villages, and assisted 12 municipalities in enforcing the general mobilization.

Moreover, two army helicopters have flown over several Lebanese areas “to educate citizens about preventing the spread of the virus and the necessity of staying at home and not going out except when absolutely necessary.”

Additionally, during the past 24 hours, the Lebanese Red Cross has transported 35 suspected cases of COVID-19, trained 65 new paramedics, and equipped 2 new medical centers, the report said.

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