Breaking: 15 New Coronavirus Cases in Lebanon, Total of 93

Lebanon now has 93 coronavirus cases in total

In its daily COVID-19 report, the Ministry of Public Health announced the diagnosis of 15 new cases in Lebanon on Saturday, March 14th, bringing the total number of coronavirus cases to 93.

The ministry’s report said: “As of the 14th March 2020 at noon, the total of confirmed COVID-19 cases has reached 93, including those diagnosed in Rafik Hariri Governmental University Hospital and those reported in other university hospitals.”

The Health Ministry said that it “continues to monitor samples from all suspected cases, as well as monitor all contacts and arrivals from countries experiencing a local spread of the virus.”

Additionally, “with the exception of some of the few cases that were diagnosed recently, which are under epidemic investigation, the ministry confirms that all the remaining cases are related to an infection from outside Lebanon.”

While no case of health or civil emergency has been declared in Lebanon yet, the Ministry of Public Health urges all citizens “to adhere to the strict measures issued by the official references, and to stay in their houses, except when absolutely necessary.”

Yesterday, 6 new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases were recorded in Lebanon, one of whom was an employee working in the Health Ministry’s Disease and Epidemic Prevention Department.

On a separate note, a Lebanese man who was recently in quarantine inside Rafik Hariri University Hospital for contracting the coronavirus has described his experience with COVID-19 and isolation.

The man isolated himself from everyone around him
Via LBC Group

As soon as he felt symptoms matching those of the disease, he isolated himself from everyone around him, then rushed to Hariri Hospital to be examined; he tested positive.

It is crucial for everyone to be informed of and able to identify the symptoms of COVID-19 at this stage.

Also, knowing what to do when you feel those symptoms is even more important to protect the people around you from catching the disease and to get the necessary medical attention for yourself.

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