Breaking: 16 New Coronavirus Cases in Lebanon, Total of 149

Lebanon March 19th coronavirus update

As of Thursday, March 19th, the total of coronavirus cases in Lebanon has become 149 after 16 new cases were confirmed by the Ministry of Public Health.

In its daily COVID-19 report, the ministry stated: “From February 21st until March 19th, 2020, the total of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases has reached 149.”

The total includes “those diagnosed in Rafik Hariri Governmental University Hospital and those reported in other university hospitals accredited by the ministry (i.e. 16 new cases were registered yesterday).”

Reportedly, among these new positive cases is a member of Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces. Consequently, 14 other ISF personnel have been instructed to adhere to self-quarantine at home.

16 new COVID-19 cases in Lebanon on March 19th
Via Al-Manar

The Health Ministry said again that it “continues to monitor samples from all suspected cases, as well as monitor all contacts and arrivals from countries experiencing a local spread of the virus.”

Moreover, it is still undergoing an epidemic investigation on some of the cases diagnosed recently. The goal of this investigation is to identify how these individuals contracted the coronavirus.

And once again, the ministry instructed all citizens “to adhere to the strict measures issued by the official references and to stay in their houses, except when absolutely necessary.”

Below is an informational video recently posted online by the Ministry of Public Health. It explains why it’s so important for all citizens to stay at home at this stage and follow the health guidelines specified by Lebanese authorities.

Yesterday, the Health Ministry announced a 4th COVID-19-related death in its March 18th coronavirus report.