Breaking: All Nightclubs in Lebanon Ordered to Shut Down Due to Coronavirus

The latest news of 6 new cases of Coronavirus in Lebanon on Friday, March 6th, has raised even more concerns and heightened the level of precautionary measures by the state, especially after the minister of health announced that the COVID-19 in the country is out of its containment stage.

The committee dedicated to the follow-up of the preventive measures against the Coronavirus decided to extend the closure to all institutions of gathering, gyms, cinemas, theaters, and nightclubs, as well as extending the closure of schools and universities for another week, and suspending all scouts and sports activities.

The committee advises that people should avoid public spaces at all costs.

Ever since February, when the first case was announced, COVID-19, as Coronavirus is now officially referred to, has been spreading in Lebanon.

In a little more than 2 weeks, the number of people infected with the virus has risen to 22 people with more cases pending as the results are beginning to arrive.

Committees have been set up and measures have been put in place by the government, Lebanese Red Cross, as well as hospitals to reduce the spreading as well as to ensure the proper info is being shared.

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