Breaking: More Parts Of The Beirut Port Silos Just Collapsed

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Four parts of the Beirut Port silos fell from the northern side of the wheat granaries.

Upon its collapse, a cloud of smoke and dust rose to the sky amid people protesting near Beirut’s port.

Residents of the neighboring areas are instructed to close windows and wear masks.

The dust is heading towards Ashrafieh and inside Beirut.

On Sunday, a part of the silos also collapsed, after burning for a couple of weeks.

When the 961News team went on-site to grab exclusive footage, the fire was still blazing at a manageable rate.

The 961News team also inquired about its collapse, as they were told that the silos, which withstood the explosion, have a strong structure, which is mostly intact. This is despite reports that parts will collapse.

Breaking news prepared in collaboration with Staff Writer Karine Keuchkerian.

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