Breaking: Protesters Were Just Run Over By A Car In Lebanon, 7 People Injured (Videos)

ATTACHMENT DETAILS Breaking_-Protesters-Were-Just-Runover-By-A-Car-In-Lebanon-7-People-Injured.jpg March 6, 2021 64 KB

A car ran over several protesters on a street in Choueifat, in the Aley District of Mount Lebanon, late on Saturday, causing 7 injuries.

A citizen, identified as “C.A.,” had an argument with a group of protesters who had blocked the street and refused to let him drive through.

The argument quickly escalated into a brawl, and the driver proceeded to run over several people, injuring 7, upon which the group attacked and destroyed his Mercedes-Benz car.

Security forces arrived at the scene shortly afterward and arrested the driver.

After running the vehicle’s plate number through the ISF website and vehicle registry, we found that the vehicle is registered to a Carlos Aoun and 3 speeding tickets are associated to it.

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