BREAKING: Explosion in Akkar, Lebanon Leaves Dozens Dead & Injured

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This article may contain descriptions that some readers may be sensitive to. No graphic imagery or video has been included.

An explosion erupted in Akkar, North Lebanon at a fuel storage site.

People were gathered around refueling when one of the tankers exploded. Dozens were reported dead and more injured.

While not yet confirmed, early estimates put casualties at over 60. Lebanese Red Cross has confirmed at least 20 deaths.

At least 22 divisions of the Lebanese Red Cross have been deployed to respond to the explosion.

Early videos circulating on social media and WhatsApp show a very graphic scene with bodies ablaze around an exploded and ablaze container. Due to the very graphic nature, we will not be sharing graphic videos.

This takes place while Lebanon is struggling with multiple crises including one affecting the healthcare system with hospitals shutting down due to lack of electricity and medicine being inaccessible.

Blood donations of all types are being requested at the following hospitals:

  • Halba – El Youssef Hospital Center
  • Halba – Halba Governmental Hospital
  • Halba – Rahal Akkar Hospital
  • Kobayat – Notre Dame de la Paix
  • Tripoli – Salam Hospital (has a burn unit)

Free rides are being offered from Tripoli to Akkar for donors – call 71/748444 for more info.

:مطلوب التبرع بالدم بجميع فئاته في المستشفيات التالية

حلبا – مركز مستشفى اليوسف

حلبا – مستشفى حلبا الحكومي

حلبا – مستشفى رحال عكار

القبيات – نوتردام دي لا پي

طرابلس – مستشفى السلام

This is reportedly the site of the fuel tankers that exploded – filmed earlier today: