Breaking: Large Explosion At Weapons Warehouse In Tyre, South Lebanon (Video)

A large explosion just went off in Tyre (Sour), South of Lebanon.

The explosion took place inside an ammunition and weapons depot after a fire broke out.

The warehouse is located inside the Burj al-Shamali Palestinian refugee camp and, according to a security source, belongs to one of the Palestinian militia factions.

There are a number of civilian casualties and rescue teams rushed to the location.

Multiple explosions continue to go off till this moment as is spreads within the weapons depot.

Palestinian camps are very dense due to the number of illegal constructions that took place over the decades. This could result in a high number of casualties.

According to An-Nahar, a fire broke out in a fuel tank and spread towards the mosque, burning it. The fire then spread to the basement which reportedly housed ammunition and weapons belonging to Hamas.

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