Breaking: Men in Official Uniforms Are Attacking Lebanese People in Beirut

On Wednesday 11 December, at 1:30 am, a group of men in official uniforms launched an attack on passers-by in the middle of Ain el Tineh streets in Beirut, Lebanon.


Some protesters formed a peaceful protesting march in their cars around the area, while all of the sudden the guards of the area, wearing official uniforms, filled the streets and started assaulting people and destroying their cars.

A number of those protesters were badly injured and were transported to nearby hospitals, while almost all of their cars were damaged.

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Incidents were recorded by the civilians on their phones, included those who were attacked, and videos are streaming on social media, showing clearly the attackers chasing the protesters’ cars down the streets and attacking them violently.

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Who are these attackers? The ongoing comments on social media are pointing the fingers at pro-Amal, Berri’s political party, including the guards in uniforms. The attacks occurred in front of the house of Berri, head of the Lebanese parliament. The most important question is where is the riot force? And why isn’t anyone stopping the attacks?


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