Breaking: Total Coronavirus Cases in Lebanon Is Now At 66

66 total COVID-19 coronavirus cases in Lebanon
The Daily Star

The Lebanese Ministry of Public Health released its daily coronavirus (COVID-19) report. It confirmed that the total of cases in Lebanon to 66 as of Thursday, March 12th.

According to the Wednesday, March 11th coronavirus report released by Rafik Hariri University Hospital, 133 patients were received by the hospital’s specialized COVID-19 emergency department between Tuesday and Wednesday.

While 119 were instructed to adhere to self-quarantine, the hospital placed 14 cases in isolation.

5 new coroanvirus cases in Lebanon
Via Aljoumhouria

Moreover, out of the 125 laboratory tests conducted by Rafik Hariri University Hospital, the results of 120 were negative, while 5 new positive cases were recorded.

Additionally, the report said that 16 individuals were released from quarantine after testing negative for the coronavirus. This leaves 18 patients in the hospital’s quarantine as of March 11th.

The report also stated that the total number of positive cases in Rafik Hariri Hospital is 36 as of that date, while the rest are quarantined in different Lebanese hospitals.

Notably, the hospital mentioned that “this report includes the number of examinations that were performed only in [Rafik Hariri Hospital’s] laboratories; not other laboratories.”

Furthermore, “it shows in numbers the cases in isolation and quarantine areas inside the hospital, provided that the Ministry [of Public Health] is in charge of providing the number of infections in all Lebanese areas.”

Conveniently, the ministry stated on Thursday, March 12th at noon, “there is a total of 66 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including those diagnosed at the Rafic Hariri University Hospital and at other university hospitals.”

This means that between Wednesday, March 11th and Thursday, March 12th (as of the time of writing), 5 new cases were recorded in Lebanon.

Moreover, the ministry confirmed that “this morning, a new death was recorded for a 79-year-old patient who had a terminal illness and had contracted the virus, bringing the total number of deaths to three.”

The second coronavirus-related death was recorded just a day prior to this one, on Wednesday, March 11th. Also on Wednesday, Lebanon announced the first full recovery of a coronavirus patient.

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