Breaking: A Wildfire Is Devouring A Forest In Akkar


As smoke in Beirut billows after a massive fire at the port, another fire is raging in the north of Lebanon.

The beautiful Qammouaa forest in Akkar, full of precious thousand-year-old trees, is going up in flames.

During efforts to put out the fire that’s devouring one of Akkar’s finest forests, 5 volunteers were injured and had to be taken to nearby hospitals by the Lebanese Red Cross.

Efforts to put out the fire in the historic forest are still underway and local volunteers are urgently requesting more helping hands.

“What hasn’t burned in this country yet?” asked a frustrated Twitter user.

According to Akkar Trail, negligence is the cause of this disaster, which could have been controlled had there been a rapid intervention. The group attributes the fire’s spread to a lack of the existence of plans to combat fires.