11 Breathtaking Hiking Spots In Lebanon

@wildnfree123 / @sarahekjian

Lebanon is a small country with outstanding diverse nature and friendly weather that make hiking an amazing experience.

In order to make the most of it, it is important to get lost in nature, embracing its wonders and its healing and invigorating gift, whatever the season.

And what’s better than a hike through multiple trails taking you to Lebanon’s most breathtaking places?

#1 Al Qubayyat

Al Qubayyat is a very popular spot situated in the Akkar region in the North of Lebanon. Its hiking spots are also great for camping amidst the amazing nature. It holds multiple spots as the Karm Chbat reserve and important religious sites such as the Mar Elias sanctuary.

#2 Bkassine

Bkassine is situated in the Jezzine area and is home to the biggest pine forest of the middle east. Its village is also known for its oil production and its cultural sites.

#3 Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve

This natural reserve is recognized by the UNESCO network of biosphere reserves of the Man & Nature program. In the 6500 hectare reserve rich in diverse flora and fauna, you can also find archeological sites.

#4 Chouwen

Chouwen mountain is an adventurous place to hike through lakes, rivers, valleys, and trails far and feel yourself treading in paradise.

#5 Horsh Ehden Nature Reserves

This reserve is located 3 kilometers from Ehden in northern Lebanon with trails where you can stroll amidst a large variety of cedars trees or simply take advantage of its camping site. The area has also many chalets and restaurants for the less adventurous ones.

#6 Akoura

Akoura is situated in the Byblos district, some 70 kilometers from Beirut. It is rich in amazing natural sites and historical ones, like Saydet el Habes. Hiking in Akoura is an experience one must not miss, and also camping under the stars, in front of its irrigation ponds and rivers.

#7 Qadisha Valley

Qadisha Valley, also known as the Valley of the Saints, is a breathtaking place full of monuments and home to historical religious sites. The higher the spots in the valley the more it offers infinite spectacular views that seem out of this world.

#8 Mseilha

For the shorter adventures, but as curious, Mseilha Walkway is a great place situated on the Batroun road. Being easily reachable, you can enjoy beautiful views without doing long hikes with your family and friends. You can also get to see some historic archeological sites such as the Mseilha Fort.

#9 Marj Bisri

Located in the South of Lebanon in the Jezzine region, Marj Bisri is one of the best places to be lost in nature and have a unique hiking experience… and exceptional Instagrammable photos!

#10 Ammiq

Located in West Bekaa, this ecologically diverse spot offers a natural venue of multiple activities in addition to hiking, such as wine tasting at local vineyards contributing to the celebrated Lebanese wine production of Bekaa.

#11 Akkar Region

The Akkar region is one of the most diverse regions in Lebanon and home to spectacular nature. The outstanding landscapes and wildlife are what make this region remarkable. Situated 87 kilometers far from Beirut in the north, the Akkar region is a great place to escape from the city dynamic.

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