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22 Breathtaking Old Alleys In Lebanon

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If the old alleys of Lebanon could speak, they would tell us the unrecorded stories of love and war, friendships and gossips, romance and hardships, clandestine meetings and dreams, resilience and survival.

There are untold stories in these alleys, buried in times, yet you can still feel the subtle energy of the past towners hanging around, and it’s easy to picture them and their steps through and imagine millions of stories that went unwritten.

There is magic in these alleys and they can take your breath away.

Some are well preserved and some are stubbornly hanging on to witness the present and remind us that, as they’ve prevailed through tough times and challenges, so should we.

For a simple reason.

Lebanon is a very rare rhapsody of wisdom and insanity, beauty and chaos, richness and scarcity. In that, it is unique, precious…

“Empires came, saw, and conquer,” a youngster teased his Lebanese grandfather sitting under a mighty Cedar Tree. “Yes, they did,” the grandfather calmly replied, “and we are still here while their empires no longer exist.”

Indeed, we are. A nation of resilience that has always prevailed. If you ever need a reminder, go walk the old alleys of Lebanon.

#1 Warmth and Beauty – Tyre

#2 Imposing structure – Tyre

#3 A homey alley leading to Saint Charbel’s house – Bkaakafra

#4 The present in the past, Byblos

#5 An undying charm – Jounieh

#6 Hidden from the eyes – Deir El-Qamar

#7 Romantic passageway – Byblos

#8 Preserved elegance in Beirut

#9 Defined by ancient walls – El-Mukhtara

#10 Winsome and homey – Byblos

#11 Built to defy times – Deir El Qamar

#12 Marked by history – Deir El Qamar

#13 Eerie…eerie… in Deir El Qamar

#14 Colorful in Tyre

#15 Imposing in Batroun

#16 Peaceful and romantic in Broumana

#17 Where centuries of neighboring bonds were welded – Broumana

#18 Almost mystical – Sidon

#19 If this alley in Batroun could speak…

#20 Secret passageway in Batroun Old Souks

#21 Breathtaking in Aïtou

#22 Old houses standing as if sentries to the alleyway, Hammana

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22 Breathtaking Old Alleys In Lebanon

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