Lebanon’s Education Ministry Is Now Investigating The Brevet Data Leakage

Who Is Abbas Halabi, The New Lebanese Minister Of Education

The Minister of Education in the caretaker government, Dr. Abbas Al-Halabi, met on Monday with a delegation from the administrative body of Secondary Education Teachers in the public sector headed by Moulouk Mehrez.

Al-Halabi noted that “the ministry is investigating the leakage and dissemination of Brevet data” and revealed that the results of the BAC official exams will be issued this week in its four branches.

Moulouk Mehrez focused on the educational sector as “an essential pillar” and demanded to reconsider the salary so that the professors have an official measure that encourages them to stay and give.

The said investigation into the Brevet data leakage came after the committee of contract teachers in the public sector made a statement about the loss of credibility in the results of the official exams.

They blamed it on the Education Minister for implementing different decisions before and after the grading and questioned the lack of decision in investigating the leakage of the Brevet data, which has exposed phone numbers and emails of 55,793 students.

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