The Time Brigitte Bardot Visited Lebanon In the Sixties!

Brigitte Bardot is an icon in the fashion and acting industry. More than a famous name, she is an idol of beauty and femininity. If you didn’t hear about it from your parents or your grandparents, you’ll be surprised to know that Bardot took a trip to Lebanon which she enjoyed tremendously. She came with her husband for a romantic trip to the Paris of the Middle East.

She enjoyed the glorious days of Beirut

Like all stars who came to Lebanon, Bardot stayed at Phoenicia Hotel. The strategic location of this hotel made her trip a lot more memorable since it is located in the heart of Beirut. Also, the pool in Phoenicia has a great view of the Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful coast of Beirut. We can safely say that the French sweetheart enjoyed the Golden Age of Lebanon and

old Beirut

! As you may know, the modern and state-of-the-art Downtown Beirut didn’t always exist. Before the civil war, there was an old souk there. From watches to jewelry, the center of Beirut was not as fancy as now, but it was certainly glorious for the Lebanese world-renowned designers who were based there. The capital of Lebanon has always been famous for being a fashion hub in the Middle East and in the world. Apparently, Bardot enjoyed this souk as she was seen wandering there. Also, she paid a visit to Assaad Georges Daou, a jeweler who designs for royalties and famous people. Other than Bardot, the fine design of this Lebanese jeweler attracted Grace Kelly and Queen Elizabeth II.

She also enjoyed the seaside of Byblos

Brigitte Bardot did also enjoy the seaside of Lebanon. An

ancient Phoenician city

famous for its magnificent beach and crystal clear water, Byblos was Bardot’s destination. Other than visiting historical sites, Bardot enjoyed the old souk of Byblos and the port. She also visited the ancient temple of Baalbek.

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