Brothers Linked To Saudi Arabia Drug Case Were Just Arrested In Lebanon

Brothers Linked To Saudi Arabia Drug Case Were Just Arrested In Lebanon

Two brothers suspected to be involved in a failed attempt to smuggle drugs into Saudi Arabia have been arrested in Lebanon, Lebanese caretaker Interior Minister Mohammad Fahmi announced on Sunday.

Fahmi mentioned the arrest of the Suleiman brothers in a statement to MTV, during a tour along the Lebanese border, from the north to the Beqaa Valley, where smuggling to and from Syria is rampant.

He said there was no evidence that indicated Hezbollah‘s involvement in the captagon smuggling incident, adding that he was in contact with the Saudi authorities regarding the ongoing investigations into the case.

These investigations are nearing their conclusion, according to Fahmi.

“[The Suleiman brothers] were arrested, and they confessed about the process of forging the certificate of origin and the captagon packing process.”

The official added that there were two more individuals being investigated in connection to the case.

Last week, Saudi Arabia banned the import of Lebanese produce after seizing a large shipment of amphetamine pills hidden in a pomegranate consignment, coming from Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia said the ban would remain in place until the Lebanese authorities provide guarantees that drug shipments targeting the Kingdom will stop.

Despite the ban, Lebanese produce-loaded trucks that had been stuck at the Saudi border were allowed entry on Wednesday.