Broummana, Lebanon in 15 amazing photos

Broummana is a picturesque town located in Metn, Mount Lebanon. It overlooks Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea. This town is one of the best destinations in summer to escape the city’s heat!

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Broummana is where nature, festivals, and breathtaking architecture meet. You need to spend at least two days in this town to embrace all the magic it has to offer.


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The first thing people notice when visiting Broummana for the first time are the flowers that decorate most of the windows. It’s the signature of this town!


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Broummana is home to international hotels, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, stores, and banks which make it a fantastic place to live and a great getaway!


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The best way to get to know a town is by hiking! Broummana has a lot of trails where you can explore Lebanon’s hidden gems!


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Broummana’s nature has definitely a lot to offer!


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This town is crowded day and night! Broummana never sleeps.


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It is also a popular summer destination! The nice weather and awesome festivals attract thousands of tourists every year!


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Broummana is home to restaurants and pubs of all types! Whether you’re craving a burger or taboule, you can find everything there!


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Let’s not forget to mention that Souk El Akel visits this town every now and then! This souk is a food market that offers Lebanon’s most mouthwatering delicacies.


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These festivals keep Broummana awake all night long!


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The architecture of this town is astonishing! We also appreciate how green Broummana is!


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The abundance of trees relax the locals and the visitors.


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You must take a walk in the magical narrow alleys. 


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Broummana should definitely be on your bucket list!


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