Former Building Of Popular Ice Cream Shop In Beirut Collapsed

Reuters | @soulselection

The building formerly belonging to Hanna Mitri’s beloved ice cream shop in Beirut’s Ashrafieh area partially collapsed on Friday, as thunderstorms struck down on Lebanon for three consecutive days.


For 71 years, the original shop had been at the historic location in Ashrafieh before relocating as a result of severe damages sustained during the August 4 Beirut Port explosion.

The ice cream shop’s new location is now near Sassine Square.

Mohamad Azakir

Multiple buildings in Beirut damaged by the disastrous blast are still being under repair three months later. Some historical buildings in the Gemmayzeh and Ashrafieh districts are on the verge of collapse anytime now, posing a risk for public safety.

This comes after videos circulating on social media Wednesday showed a building that had collapsed due to heavy rainfall in Beirut’s Karantina district, one of the most damaged neighborhoods after the explosion.