Lebanon Will Raise The Bundle Of Bread To 1Kg For A Limited Time

Bundle Of Bread In Lebanon Will Be 100g Heavier, For A Limited Time
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For a limited time, a 900-gram bundle of bread in Lebanon will be sold with an additional 100 g for the same price, according to the Ministry of Economy.

In a press conference he held alongside representatives of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), caretaker Economy Minister Raoul Nehme announced the addition of 100 g of bread to the standard bundle of bread in Lebanon.

The nearly 10% addition will go into effect on Monday, September 21st, and remain active for 62 days, Nehme said.

The decision comes in light of a donation of 12,000 tons of wheat flour to Lebanon by the WFP, and “to ensure that the donation reaches the Lebanese,” according to the official.

“We issued a decision to raise the weight of the bread bundle from 900 grams to a kilogram for a period of 62 days … and issued a circular regulating the mechanism for distributing flour to the bakeries,” Nehme stated.

The WFP has been actively helping Lebanon through the crisis caused by the August 4 Beirut Port explosion.

Since the explosion took place, the WFP has sent thousands of food parcels, cash assistance, and wheat flour and grains to Beirut to support vulnerable families, in addition to providing logistics support.

For context, Lebanon consumes between 35,000 and 40,000 tons of wheat per month. The country suffered a significant loss in its grains supply when the blast shattered its only wheat silo in the capital Beirut.

Earlier this week, a Turkish cargo ship docked at Beirut Port, delivering more than 300 tons of wheat.