15 Burger Places In Lebanon When You Want To Get A Bite Of That Juicy Goodness

@ellieeabboud | @sliceofbeirut

Indulging in a juicy burger is the ultimate way to satisfy your hunger and nourish your soul.

This quintessential American dish has become a global sensation, especially in Lebanon, where the burger scene is unlike any other.

Each restaurant offers its own unique take on this classic, making it hard to pick just one favorite.

So, get ready to salivate! We’ve rounded up the top 15 burger places in Lebanon that are sure to leave you wanting more from the very first bite.

House of La Burgeria

Located in Badaro, the House of La Burgeria is known for its exceptional menu.

Aside from the mouthwatering appetizers and wraps, they offer a diverse selection of burgers, from a cheese-injected burger to a strawberry jam one accompanied by a picture-worthy aesthetic. For more info: 71893937

Cosmic Burger

Do you believe in aliens? Well, Cosmic Burger will make you believe.

Being the first space-themed restaurant in Lebanon, Cosmic burger located in Gemmayze is ready to serve you an out-of-this-world burger prepared by guardians of the galaxy.

Walking into the restaurant, you will immediately think that you traveled to space eating the most delicious burgers. Just be careful not to hit any UFOs. For more info: 76902925.

Cheese On Top

From its name, you will know that this place is a cheese heaven.

Cheese On Top, located in both Furn El Chebbak and Zouk Mosbeh, is serving you their juicy burgers drenched on top with some cheesy goodness and all the cheese-filled appetizers your heart will desire. For more info: 01288266.

Arayes Beirut

Meat between two bread? That’s a burger.

Arayes Beirut offers you exquisite kafta burgers stuffed with provolone cheese along with their unique side choices of black cherry, honey, pistachio and so much more.

Choices of lahem bi aajeen, sujuk, and chicken are also available. For more info: 71329922.

The Bros

What started as a small kiosk and a dream, The bros turned out to be an ultimate fan favorite.

Located in Mar Mkhayel, The Bros is founded by 3 Lebanese brothers with a big love for food.

Their burgers are truly unmatched, serving you everything from classically styled burgers to burgers topped with pineapples and cranberry sauce, accompanied by the friendliest staff and a homey chill atmosphere. For more info: 01570297.


Spicy Lovers, this one is for you. Grab your milk and head to Firebrd to experience a new level of spiciness.

Located in Mar Mkhayel, FireBird is an authentic Nashville hot chicken restaurant that serves you both some flavorsome tenders and burgers that go up to 4 levels of spice that only the bravest can dare to try.

They also have some mouthwatering shakes. For more info: 71570870.

Smoking Bun

Craving a burger after a night out? Smoking Bun has got you covered.

They have been serving their delectable smoked burgers in Mar Mkhayel for a decade now as it is a place everyone can’t get enough of.

Stop by and catch a taste of their amazing smoked burgers, and vegan patties, and try their unique bunless option. For more info: 70985551.

Billy Boyz

Inspired by the award-winning series Peaky Blinders, Billy Boyz is truly an experience.

Billy Boyz is serving you some irresistible burgers, one-of-a-kind decorations, and immaculate vibes, making you feel as if you are a Shelby yourself.

They are located in Dbaye, Jbeil, and Zouk Mosbeh. For more info: 76330133.


For those seeking a highly flavorful and satiating meal, look no further than Husk Beirut, located at Al Arez street.

Their sandwiches and burgers are crafted using locally-sourced, fresh ingredients and grass-fed beef, ensuring a truly exceptional culinary experience. For more info: 81827071.

Lettuce Meat

Let us meet in Lettuce Meat in Mar Mkhayel to satisfy our cravings.

They serve everything from sliders to full-sized burgers made with the most delicious Brazilian beef embedded with wagyu fats.

Don’t forget to try their signature potato buns and their unique strawberry jam burger! For more info: 01855358.


Located in Tripoli, the burgers at Burgery are truly well crafted.

Along with their mouthwatering classics and an upside-down burger, their Entrecote burger is their fan favorite. Made with the simplest ingredients, the burger is truly a work of art.

They also serve incredible chicken strips, loaded fries, and a vegan option. For more info: 06221010.

The Witty Bun

This is a burger joint that is a dream for picky eaters.

The Witty Buns offers its customers full control in customizing their burgers. You can either choose between a smashed double cheese, double bacon cheese, or a portobello mushroom burger and customize them with all the toppings that fit your craving.

The free toppings vary from the classics of lettuce and onions to carmelized mushrooms and jalapenos. They are located in Badaro. For more info: 81678328.

Comanche Diner

Whatever your heart desires, Comanche Diner has got it for you in both Jamous street and Tyre.

They serve you a huge variety of delicious food options from salads, sandwiches, and steak and chicken platters.

Yet they are known for the incredibly juicy burgers and their unique twist of making the burgers swim in cheese. For more info: 01554992.


Whatever you choose to eat at Lody’s, you will for sure want more.

The restaurant is a true classic burger joint, located near Beirut Arab University and in Mar Mikhael. Their appetizers are remarkable, the baked potatoes are a must-try, and their gourmet burgers feel like a warm hug.

All their burgers are served with a free dip, coleslaw, and fries! For more info: 01844615.

Juicy Grill

The burgers at Juicy Grill are so big, you will need more than two hands to pick them up.

They are located in Jounieh, serving you more than 20 of the most juiciest and delicious burgers you can ever have along with the most welcoming staff and an exceptional ambiance. For more info: 09944933.