Solar Panels Burned Up In Bchamoun Causing Panic Among Lebanese


A video clip showing the burning on Friday of solar panels on the roof of a building in Bchamoun has been circulating on social media, causing panic among the Lebanese.

Many had installed electricity generation systems on solar energy in their homes, and some accepted to install it on their roofs and between their homes, and they are now dreading a similar incident.

MTV mentioned that the owner of the burnt plates, Maher Minawi, is attempting to communicate with a “wasta” to help speed up the investigation.

In an interview, Minawi mentions his happiness for not agreeing with the company’s technicians to install the batteries and the transformer inside the house, and for his insistence to be on the roof.

Five of the nine solar panels were burnt out, plus eight batteries, all with their connections.

As for the scene of a tablet falling off the blazing roof, it is due to the explosion of one of the batteries, according to Minawi.

When asked about the electricity situation in his house, he said: “The system has been down for more than 20 days. The transformer, batteries, and panels are disconnected. What caused the fire?”

He explained that from the first day of installing the system, as soon as the technicians left his house, the electricity was cut off.

After following up with the company, it was found that the transformer could not bear the electric current, and they asked him to send it to maintenance.

After repairing and re-installing it, the electricity “popped” the moment it was connected to the network, and it was returned to maintenance again. The transformer is still in maintenance and has not yet been reinstalled.

Minawi intends to follow up on the investigation and expose what happened. He is waiting for the civil defense report on the cause of the fire to file a lawsuit against the company.

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