There Is Now A Bursary To Support Lebanese Students At McGill University In Montreal


Lebanese people, whether in Lebanon or abroad, are facing crisis after crisis. Many disasters, from the Beirut blast to the economic deterioration, have left them struggling to continue with their normal lives and provide their families with their basic needs.

This situation is especially affecting Lebanese students abroad. Banking restrictions in Lebanon prevented many families “to support their children’s education, including tuition and living expenses.”

Fortunately, people are noticing these problems and they are taking action. A fundraising initiative called McGill Lebanese Student Relief Fund (LSRF) is helping Lebanese students at McGill to continue their education.

They created a bursary that helps more than 90 Lebanese students who can’t receive money from their families in Lebanon and thus have been cut off from financial support. Their goal is to reach $100,000.

With this sum of money, the McGill LSR team will:

  • Alleviate the financial difficulties of Lebanese students who have been cut off from financial support due to the economic fallout after the explosion
  • Direct funds to affected students help bridge the financial gap so they can continue their education.
  • Play a role in supporting Lebanese students who will become tomorrow’s leaders.

The team consists of Jade Dagher (Founding Member), Georges Chaoui (Campaign Communications), Allegra Boustani (VP Finance of MLSR), Yara Maria Coussa (Coordinator of the Campaign), Alexia Chammas (VP Event of MLSR), and Jana Beydoun (Co-President of the LSA).

These amazing people are also raising awareness about the situation in Lebanon on social media as well as news channels.

“Thanks to the McGill Lebanese Students Association and McGill’s Scholarship and Student Aid office, this fund has been launched to provide timely support to students who need it most,” the group stated.

These students started their campaign on September 16th, and they are still working on reaching their goal that is helping other struggling Lebanese students at the university in Montreal, Canada.

They are doing this amazing work because Lebanon’s problems are personal to them, because the Lebanese always stand together, and, most importantly, because they believe in education and change through giving every person a fair shot in life.

McGill University, which is ranked among the world’s best universities, is one of the main educational destinations for the Lebanese seeking top education in Canada. For decades, it has fostered and nurtured the development of countless Lebanese students, many of whom have excelled in their careers.

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