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Techstars Is Giving $120,000 To Select Startups In Lebanon

A startup accelerator company, Techstars, came all the way from New York to hold a conference for the first time in Beirut to introduce their acceleration program. The event took place in collaboration with Speed@BDD at Beirut Digital District, to provide our local startup network with all they need to know about their opportunities regarding the Techstars IoT Accelerator’s program, as well as serve as encouragement to keep innovation alive in Lebanon. The event included a panel discussion moderated by Techstars' Business Associate, Christopher Badaoui, and featured Berytech Fund II’s managing director, Paul Chucrallah, CME Offshore's General Manager and Speed@BDD mentor, Wissam Youssef, AltCity’s co-founder, David Munir Nabti, Next Automated Robots’ co-founder, Chalie El Khoury, and finally Speed@BDD’s CEO, Sami Abou Saab.

What does Techstars want from Lebanon?

Techstars IoT Accelerator is looking for companies from all over the world to join its IoT program. This increasingly popular term, IoT, stands for

Internet of Things services

. What it basically aims for is to make an internet connection between our everyday technological devices, where even things can communicate with things, creating an even better ease of life and promoting efficiency. It’s a huge step toward the futuristic life we would have never imagined decades ago! The Techstars foundation lies on the concept of diversity in entrepreneurship, which is why they encourage people from all over the world to join their programs. They want to give a chance for people to shine in the most unexpected places. But hey, not to mention that some of the world’s most intelligent people are Lebanese (I mean for reals)!

They’re recruiting in Beirut for the first time ever as we speak.

Techstars IoT’s corporate partners include PwC, GE, Bosch, Verizon, SAP, and their global accelerator sponsors are companies like IBM, Microsoft, American Airlines, AWS Activce, Cooley, Silicon Valley Bank, Google Cloud Platform, and SendGrid. If your company is selected, it could receive up to $120K in funding, have 3 months of mentorship from Techstars networks and get in connection with the aforementioned corporate partners.

Got what it takes?

How many of us have suddenly had a brilliant idea for a business but did nothing about it? I’m guilty of this on the daily! I’m an idea person so my brain is always flowing with new useful ideas, then I’m always like no who will take me seriously?
"When I started Virgin from a basement in West London, there was no great plan or strategy. I didn't set out to build a business empire. For me, building a business is all about doing something to be proud of, bringing talented people together and creating something that's going to make a real difference to other people's lives," – Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin

Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google, HP, Virgin –that’s just a small list of today’s finest enterprises which began as startups by regular people like you and me. When that imaginary light bulb turned on above their heads, they didn’t turn it off or walk away… they went out and pitched their idea. You have the opportunity to do that now! So if you got this killer idea that has the ability to grow into something massive, then you along with your kick-ass team should self-assuredly take the initiative and apply


. The deadline for the application is April 9, 2017, so hurry up!

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