7 Types of Businesses That Are Now Booming in Lebanon

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Despite the economic conditions and the pandemic, some Lebanese businesses have been seeing boosts in sales and support by their local communities.

And in spite of the toppling amount of crises Lebanon is facing, people have been realizing the need to support local and small businesses.

These are the types of businesses that are currently booming in the country:

#1 Delivery Services

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Since we’re all on lockdown at home during quarantine, delivery services have been in high demand.

#2 Online Shopping

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Some people say shopping is the cure for everything. Well, if you have the money for it. During the lockdown, some people have spent time shopping online to fight boredom and keep their spirits high, despite the economic collapse!

In fact, we reached out to Tayma Adra, the Product Manager at Feel22, who told us, “eCommerce and online shopping have been witnessing a drastic surge in sales since the beginning of quarantine.”

“Knowing that everyone can’t go to their favorite hairdresser, nail artist, or skin therapist, they’ve been more experimental with new products and DIY at home ideas.”

“The recent analytics revealed major changes in customers purchasing behaviors, how they shop, how often they shop, and what kind of beauty products they’re now inclined to pay for,” she explained. “We’ve always said that online shopping will take over at some point, but we definitely didn’t expect it to happen during such circumstances!”

#3 Security Companies

With the banking crisis, security companies have noted an increase in sales on safes and vaults, which are being used to store people’s cash and valuables at home safely.

#4 Homemade Desserts

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Dessert pages have always been pretty successful among the locals. Who doesn’t love to satisfy that sweet tooth?

But now with the quarantine, and the continuously extending lockdown, people have been ordering yummy homemade sweets for their needed sugar boost and to support their local entrepreneurs.

However, the inflation did take a toll on their profit margins, regardless of the boost in sales.

#5 Local Farming

During quarantine, people have come up with their own solutions to the economic difficulties the nation is facing.

One of these solutions is to promote farming and growing local produce in abundance in order to become self-sufficient.

Many have joined the campaign to promote growing local, even celebrities and social media influencers.

#6 Homemade Mouneh

Amid the economic conditions, people have realized the need to support local productions, especially those who work hard to make nourishing pantry items that Lebanese people love and adore!

#7 Online Nutritionists & Personal Trainers

Since summer is right around the corner, and we’ve been staying at home benefiting dessert pages and baking our own sweets, a lot of people have been trying to get back on track with their body health goals whatever they may be.

This has been great for online nutritionists and personal trainers who offer consultations and meal plans as well as fitness routines.

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