Businessman Offered $25 Billion To Rebuild Beirut If Govt Resigns… They Refused

Disclaimer: Following his public tweet that went viral, businessman Al-Sarraf tweeted the next day a sarcastic statement towards those who believed his claim, which we found very inappropriate, and inciting, during these critical times of uprising and anger.

The Beirut Port Explosion has set everyone’s eyes on Lebanon and its government. The world in its entirety has rushed to help, all while the dysfunctionality of the dawleh got strikingly exposed.

Lebanon entered its 2020 with so many crises dragging and expanding for years, and a state that refuses to make reforms that could, in any tiny way, alter any and all political agendas, or budge a tiny bit any and all seats of those in power.

August 4th came to top it all with the nightmarish explosion which aftermath has been poorly (or not all) handled by the government and its institutions.

None of those in charge proved to be equipped enough or worthy enough to be a minister or a prime minister or a president or a governor.

One has only to look at what’s happening in this aftermath to assert it loud and clear.

Once again, the people have had to take things into their hands to remove the rubbles, clean up the shattered glasses, find shelters for those who went homeless, distribute foods, and even go looking for their missing ones under the destruction.

So what’s the government doing?

Oppressing the protesters and making the same empty speeches, which did not include addressing the nation with condolences and moral support.

The world is watching in awe. The international community, which has been of huge help in pouring aids into the country, is watching, totally puzzled by the government’s apathy.

Everybody wants to help save Lebanon, except the Dawleh that prefers the country to crumble and its capital to stay under the rubbles than risking to lose any of those chairs of authority.

That was strikingly evident just now when a billionaire stepped in with an outstanding offer: $25 Billion dollars to rebuild Beirut and its infrastructure and solve three main crisis in Lebanon.

According to Egyptian business guru Ahmed Al-Sarraf, he contacted “nine of the biggest leaders in Lebanon, among them both the presidents of the republic and of the ministers” with an offer that could not only fix the damages but get Lebanon out of years-dragging crises.

He offered to “donate $25 Billion to restore the port, secure 24/7 electricity in all Lebanon, fix the roads, compensate the affected [of the blast], secure water [to households], and flood the banks” with money.

They refused.

They refused because, in exchange for all that, Al-Sarraf had one condition: The entire government has to resign.

Apparently, these seats are way more important for them than the saving of the country.

Note from the Editor: While the Lebanese people got to believe Al-Sarraf’s story, for nothing of such could surprise them from the ruling officials, we reiterate how inappropriate and insensitive of him it was to Tweet such provoking statement.

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