Two Butchers Were Just Arrested For Selling Bad Meat in Lebanon


The series of arrests and shutting places down for fraud and price gouging continues in Lebanon.

On Monday, May 18th, Lebanese authorities seized rotten meat in a butcher shop at the Kab Elias area. The butcher was selling meat that is not suitable for human consumption.

After investigating the source of the meat, and at the public prosecutor’s authority in the Bekaa, the owner was arrested and the shop was sealed with red wax.

The Daily Star / Mohamad Azakir

State Security also raided a farm in Ghazeh, West Bekaa for selling the meat of diseased cows. Laboratory tests showed that the meat was not fit for human consumption.

Again, that butcher shop was sealed, those responsible were taken in for further investigation, and the rest of the meat was destroyed at the public prosecutor’s official order.

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