Award-Winning Composer Pays Tribute To Beirut Blast Victims (Video)

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Music has a way of letting us express our feelings and emotions when words fall short. Award-Winning Composer Serouj Baghdassarian, also known as C-rouge did exactly that when he recently released an emotionally-charged lullaby in tribute to Beirut’s blast victims.

“It was only a week later after the explosion when I started to work on this arrangement, but it was really hard to complete it while being emotionally shattered,” C-rouge told The961.

“Soon after, I moved to Armenia, and sadly a war has started there, which also delayed the project. Eventually, I was able to release it on my birthday, October 28.”

Born to an artistic family of Lebanese-Armenian composers and performers, Baghdassarian’s career began in 2007.

Inspired by his father, Seto Baghdassarian, as well as his Armenian background, C-rouge reflected his culture in his first album, “genoTrancide”, by a unique mixture of electronic beats with traditional Armenian melodies.

The album established C-rouge as an up-and-coming producer, where he received critical acclaim topping the “Virgin’s Best Sellers” list for weeks in Lebanon.

By 2008, C-rouge began a series of gigs at clubs and other venues across Lebanon, as well as releasing his second album, “Eternity,” which quickly became a “Best Selling Album” at Virgin Megastores for the second time in less than two years.

The same album went on to win the “Best Electronic and Dance Album” title at the Armenian Music Awards. 

“Being Lebanese with Armenian origin, and witnessing my two countries suffering, I wanted to produce something special. This is how the idea of having the two instruments, Duduk & Ney was born,” the award-winning composer said.

“The music was originally composed by Parsegh Ganatchian, a Lebanese-Armenian composer and conductor.”

Ganatchian was awarded by the Lebanese government the National Order of the Cedar for promoting friendship between the Armenian and Lebanese people, which also inspired C-rouge to select this composition and rearrange it.

One of the most important uses of lullabies is acting as a sleep aid for infants. In this turbulent time Lebanon is living, C-rouge notes that every Lebanese is that infant who needs emotional support.

“I am hoping to reach those in need with my music. Perhaps, the power of music can play a healing role too,” he said.

When asked about his advice for young Lebanese people who are passionate about music and are aiming to build a career from it, C-rouge said:

“It’s important to be patient because the challenges are numerous. What I have achieved thus far is a result of 15 years of work and yet I have a lot to learn.”

“You may encounter failures. Sometimes your music is not appreciated beyond the circle of your immediate friends. However, you should not lose hope.”

As the current Lebanese state hangs by a thread, C-rouge manages to uphold resilience and hope when it comes to his homeland.

“I believe our people have crossed a long distance and the bright days are ahead of us. We just have to hang on just a little more,” he urges. “After all, the Lebanese people are well known for their strength in rebuilding again and again.”

If you’re wondering what to expect for 2021 from the award-winning producer, C-rouge is currently working on releasing his fourth album by mid next year.

He added that his dream-plan to have a debut concert with a symphonic orchestra to play the album live is also a work in progress.

C-rouge’s tribute to Beirut’s explosion victims is a blissful, soothing lullaby that inspires a vision of a serene haven where the souls of those who left us too soon might be dwelling in peace.

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