16 Cool Cafes In Lebanon Where You Can Work Or Hang Out With Your Friends

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Cafes are the best places to have an invigorating coffee and enjoy a calm day whether on your own or with your friends.

They are also perfect for when you need a change of environment to work or study other than at home. Doing so among other people working or studying like you could be also motivating as the right calm energy is there all around you.

Here are some cool cafes you should consider visiting for that purpose or just to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere.

#1 Unicorn Coffee House (Brummana)

An absolutely charming place with its unique happy-home decor, this cafe is so mood-lifting and has delicious coffee and drinks. Unicorn Coffee House opens from Monday to Saturday.

#2 The Backburner (Saifi)

The Backburner is a small, cozy brew bar in Saifi that also offers coffee, breakfast, lunch, and bites. You can enjoy a nice morning or afternoon sipping your favorite coffee drinks with a view on the street of the lovely city.

#3 Bn Coffee Bar (Gemmayze, Badaro)

You can find this cafe in both Gemmayze and Badaro. They are sought not just for their coffee and drinks, but to work or study in a relaxed and tranquil ambiance.

#4 Cafe Younes (various locations)

Cafe Younes has many branches across Lebanon. You can find the branch that’s nearest to you and enjoy the special coffee Cafe Younes brews and roasts since 1935.

Locations: Hamra, AUBMC, ACC (Clinical Center), Sodeco, Ashrafieh, Aley, Beirut Digital District, Badaro, and Batroun.

#5 Cantina Sociale (Ashrafieh)

Cantina Sociale is a self-service café & wine bar, one of the best places to hang out in Beirut because of its chill vibes with a touch of Italy.

In addition to coffee, it offers breakfast, brunch, lunch, desserts, and also a large variety of wines served in the evenings with music. I

#6 Kalei Coffee Co (Mar Mkhael & Ras Beirut)

If you are someone who cares about the earth and the environment, getting a cup of coffee at Kalei Coffee shop is a good choice for you since they sustainably source high-quality coffee.

#7 Riwaq Beirut

Riwaq is such a peaceful and chill place where you can work or just spend some time with your friends. They also organize entertaining events in the evenings.

#8 Sip (Gemmayzeh)

Sip serves premium coffee. It is a very nice coffee shop with friendly staff. They serve a variety of coffee, breakfast, and lunch, and have good desserts.

#9 SUZ’ Coffee Bar (Beirut Souks)

Modern elegance, charming decor, and enchanting vibes characterize this coffee place that is also an eatery tucked in a pleasant alley of Beirut Souks. A spot that is certainly a must-try.

#10 Concierge Coffee (Badaro)

A coffee gem with warm decor and a charming atmosphere where you can work or study, Concierge Coffee in Badaro is another must-try place. Coffee, herbal teas, delicious cakes, sandwiches, and more are available. Gicw their Cream Cheese Bun a try while you’re there.

#11 Kaldi Coffee Bar (Hamra)

Kaldi is one of the chilliest coffee shops in Beirut. Take note the place has reopened about 4 weeks ago after it was compelled to close due to the power outage. Now that it has opened its doors again, this very appealing wooden spot is a place to go for a fine cup of coffee freshly roasted.

#12 Newtown (Al-Mina, Tripoli)

A sleek modern gem in Tripoli, Newtown is a very pleasant place to relax, read, work, or study around a flavorful coffee served by the convivial northern hospitality. They offer a fine variety of delicious coffees and lattes, fresh smoothies, french desserts, and tasty snacks, and other food.

If you don’t live in the north but plan to visit Tripoli, do give this place a visit. You’ll become a regular.

#13 Anawa’s Coffee Shop (Halba, Akkar)

Another distinctive coffee place in the north that you must try, Anawa’s Coffee Shop has a charming sitting area, both indoor and outdoor, making it a perfect space to gather with your friends around a fine cup of coffee and tasty food of high quality.

They serve croissants, refreshing drinks, including Bubble Macchiato, as well as crepes, brownies with ice cream in bowls, and more.

#14 Blend by Feras Naffaa (Sidon)

Located in Al Kanaya, Center Shames in Sidon, this most pleasant spot to hang out offers a variety of mouthwatering lattes as well as classic coffees, refreshing drinks like Mojitos, and desserts and snacks.

#15 Barley And Bean Coffee House (Kaslik)

Located in Kaslik facing USEK University, Barley And Bean Coffee House is a gastropub that offers also food, alcoholic drinks, including wine and beer, along with its variety of coffees. Vegan food options are also available. It has a lively atmosphere where students go to study and business people go to meet.

#16 VEE Coffee Shop (Various locations)

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16 Cool Cafes In Lebanon Where You Can Work Or Hang Out With Your Friends

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