#Mesh_Basita: This Campaign Says No To Sexual Harassment In Lebanon!

Sexual harassment is not widely discussed in Lebanon. However, it does not mean that it does not exist. Sexual harassment happens everywhere: at work, school, college, public areas etc. Unfortunately, there is not a national legislation that confronts this action.

Sexual harassment is not okay

Recently, the KIP Project on Gender and Sexuality partnered with the Office of the Minister of State for Women’s Affairs and launched a campaign called “Mesh Basita” (translation: Not Okay). The latter aims at promoting the need to have a law that condemns the acts of sexual harassment. Through this campaign, the organizers hope that the society will learn about the many forms of sexual harassment. In addition to that, the KIP Project on Gender and Sexuality wants the civil society to also take part in this movement by pushing the government to create a specific law about sexual harassment. The campaign was called “Mesh Basita” because this issue is not taken seriously in Lebanon, mainly by the law.

You can get involved!

From 31 July to 15 August 2017, share pictures, videos, and texts while using the hashtags #mesh_basita or مش _بسيطة# on various social media platforms. In your posts, show why sexual harassment is not okay. Also, if you’re interested in joining the team, you can always


. The KIP Project on Gender and Sexuality is active all year round and it always needs active people to help them create campaigns, organize events, and manage activities. We encourage you to use these hashtags and to create an online discussion. Sexual harassment in Lebanon is affecting the lives of many people, especially women. To note, men can also experience it, so everyone is involved. Many people consider this subject to be taboo. Well, it shouldn’t be. Let’s talk about sexual harassment as much as we can to put an end to it because it’s not okay.

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