Canada Lights Up CN Tower With Lebanese Flag

Canada Alyoum | Hassan Ammar/AP

Right after the disastrous explosion in Beirut’s port, #PrayforLebanon and #PrayforBeirut quickly started trending on social media worldwide.

The world was horrified by what the Lebanese were sharing on social media of pictures and videos of what looks very much like an apocalyptic explosion.


Soon, it occupied the headlines of the international mainstream media. The world governments reacted, prompting to show support in any way possible.

One of these countries is Canada. Its famous CN Tower, Toronto’s landmark, lit up bright in the colors of the Lebanese flag.

Hues of red, white, and green shone out in honor of the victims in Beirut and in solidarity with the people in Lebanon enduring the aftermath of the apocalyptic explosion.

“We will be helping, obviously. All the Canadians of Lebanese descent will be helping out and we’ll be doing our share,” Joe Hamadi, a Lebanese Mississauga resident told CBC News.

“The Canadian government always helps in humanitarian disasters, and I would ask our prime minister and the Canadian government to specifically help rebuild the streets of Beirut, especially the port,” Hamadi added.

Indeed, Canada is sending humanitarian aid to Lebanon, amounting to $5M, and to be given directly to “trusted partners” as Development Canada tweeted, including the Lebanese Red Cross, and excluding the government.

Quebec has also announced an emergency humanitarian aid for Lebanon of $1M in the name of all the population of Quebec.

The pain of the Lebanese is unfathomable. Wherever they are in the world, they all share the same devastation.

In Canada, they are holding vigils in their cities, namely Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver, mourning the victims of Beirut explosion, and the destruction of their homeland’s capital.

“Our pain is immeasurable, but our anger is even greater.”

~ Meghterbin Mejtemiin – Montreal

It is indeed the feeling shared by the Lebanese nation in its entirety…

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