Canada Is Freaking Out About A Driver Reversing On A Highway

It’s quite hilarious to see how people respond to things that have become

quite normalized

in Lebanon. Quite often while

driving in Lebanon

, we have a “WTF is he doing” moment where we try to figure out what’s wrong with that driver. We often think many of those idiots are unique to Lebanon. However, this video proves that this is not the case. The video was filmed in Downtown Toronto on one of the main highways that goes through the city, the Gardiner Expressway. Due to the removal of a couple exit ramps, if you end up missing an exit, you’d have to drive quite a bit before your next exit. That was the case with this driver who wasn’t willing to go all the way but instead, and stupidly, decided to go in reverse until the ramp. BlogTO, a local Toronto blog, reported that it took place around 4am on a Sunday night. The video was recorded by a Michigan-based lawyer Nicholas Samberg who was celebrating his birthday in Toronto. Since then, the video is quickly going viral on Facebook, Reddit and throughout the internet with many people expressing their anger.

Imagine that was the way we reacted when we saw an idiot drive like that in Lebanon?

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