Massive ‘Canada For Lebanon’ Campaign Is Sending Tons Of Aid To Beirut

Canada For Lebanon_ Campaign Is Sending Tons Of Aid To Beirut
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The aftermath of the devastating Beirut Port explosion made it clear that Lebanon would need all the help it could get to recover from the disaster. Today, a massive operation is underway to send tons of aid and equipment from Canada to Lebanon.

Conveniently titled Canada for Lebanon, the campaign was launched primarily to assist the decimated and overwhelmed hospitals in Beirut, by providing them with the equipment and medicinal drugs they lacked and needed.

Under the umbrella of Operation Ramzieh, an initiative launched to help vulnerable elderly people during the pandemic, the initiative began to gather donations in mid-August with the aim of filling and sending several aid shipments to Lebanon.

Aid packages prepared for shipment to Lebanon
Canada For Lebanon

Abbis Mahmoud, the founder of Operation Ramzieh, launched in partnership with Bruyere Canada for Lebanon and called on community leaders, his fellow Canadians, and anyone who can help with this humanitarian mission to do so by donating to the campaign.

In addition to medical supplies, the cargo planes are flying food and other forms of aid, in accordance with lists previously prepared by the Lebanon-based doctors and directors with whom Canada for Lebanon‘s organizers have been in contact.

With the help of a network of Lebanese professionals based in Canada and mostly Canadian companies and organizations, the initiative is able to directly connect and coordinate with prominent hospitals and NGOs on the ground in Beirut in order to identify and deliver their needs effectively.

This endeavor is not political or religious in nature and simply humanitarian and above all – Canadian!

Abbis Mahmoud

On his part, Anthony Kantara, CEO of The961, has joined the operations, offering his extensive knowledge on the ground in Lebanon as well as in Canada.

Anthony pledged The961’s full support for the operation. He will be directly involved in the coordination and executive team of the operation.

In addition, The961 launched a dedicated page bringing full coverage of the initiative to increase awareness, transparency, and accountability – something desperately needed during these times and in Lebanon in general.

As such, The961 will be providing, in detail, all the information about the individual cargo planes that will be sent as part of Canada for Lebanon, including a listing of each plane’s contents and how the aid will be distributed when it arrives in Beirut.

Canada For Lebanon

The first plane departed last week with 40 tons of food for the Lebanese Food Bank, which is already being distributed. The second plane is set to leave on Sunday.

The cargo planes were made available by CargoJet, a cargo airline based just outside of Toronto, Canada, and other Canada-based companies.

In addition to flight routes, the operation has shipping routes carrying containers filled with less time-sensitive aid.

You can donate directly to the operation here (100% tax-deductible for Canadians) and follow the progress here.

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