Major Canadian Telecom Company Cancelled Int’l Call Charges To Lebanon

What’s more heartwarming and touching than witnessing acts of solidarity and compassion towards a devastated country and its grief-stricken population.

Lebanese people of all ages have been working together and contributing to the revival of a broken city and to the help of their compatriots, who no longer have a shelter to turn to nor money to make the most basic purchases.

And what’s more astonishing is the international contribution that foreign countries, international companies, and individuals from the four corners of the world are making to lift a long-lasting burden off the shoulders of the Lebanese.

And this major Canadian telecom company is no different.

Videotron, one of the top telecommunications providers in Canada, has announced in a press release that it will be suspending “charges for calls from Canada to Lebanon until August 23rd, 2020.”

It has also stated that the cancellation of these international call charges will allow its “customers with family and loved ones in the country to reach them without having to worry about long-distance charges”.

Those tokens of solidarity that are being poured onto the streets of Lebanon and into the heart of Beirut restore the hope among the Lebanese population that there might be, after all, a rainbow after the storm.

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