Video: Canadian Parliament Holds A Minute Of Silence For Beirut Victims

Canadian Parliament Holds Minute Of Silence For Beirut Victims
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Canada’s support for the Lebanese people in the aftermath of the Beirut explosion has been exceptional.

From financial aid to moral support, the country has been keen to do even more than playing a part in responding to the disaster that Lebanon is enduring.

They are showing how much it has affected their hearts and that they truly care for the people.

In a most recent stand of solidarity, the Canadian Parliament started its latest session with a minute of silence for the numerous victims of the Beirut explosion.

It could probably be seen by many as just a-minute gesture but it has delivered to the Lebanese a profound message of compassion and moral support.

“The people of Beirut and all Canadians who have family and friends in Lebanon have suffered a devastating tragedy,” said Anthony Rota, Speaker of Canada’s House of Commons.

“I hope that in the difficult days ahead, they may derive some comfort from the friendship and support of the global community,” Rota added before all the present MPs joined him in standing up and making the silent statement of grief and support.

Canada has offered continuous support to Lebanon ever since the latter’s main port was partially destroyed along with a large part of Beirut by the devastating ammonium nitrate blast.

In the first few days after the tragic incident, the Canadian government pledged a total of $5 million in relief, $1.5 of which were allocated to the Lebanese Red Cross.

Later, the country said that it would match every donation made by Canadians to support relief efforts in Lebanon.

The announcement came in response to the foundation of the Lebanese Canadian Coalition, an initiative by Lebanese-Canadians business leaders, calling the federal government to match their fundraising.

The Coalition announced a target amounting to at least $2.5 million.

Notably, one of the major Canadian telecommunications companies, Videotron, showcased its support for the Lebanese people by suspending the international charges on calls from Canada to Lebanon.

7 days after the August 4th disaster, Canada came back with yet another generous donation, this time pledging $25 million in humanitarian aid, bringing its total sum of donations to Lebanon to $30 million.

It’s worth noting Canada’s recurring statement that it would send its donations to trusted humanitarian organizations, including the Lebanese Red Cross, to ensure that the aid goes directly to where it is truly needed.

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