Canadians In Prince Edward Island Are Donating Over $50,000 To Beirut

Canadian Blog House | EPA-EFE / Wael Hamza

The massive explosion that ripped through Beirut on August 4th left the city and its residents in shock. Still overcoming the tragedy, the people need all the help they can get to return to get back on their feet.

Friendly people countries around the world have been donating to provide much-needed assistance. Shocked by the disaster, the Lebanese community in Prince Edward Island has stepped up to help and also local communities.

Since the blast, the Canadian Lebanese Association of Prince Edward Island has estimated that the island community has raised around $50,000 in emergency relief for Beirut.

Not only are Canadians of Lebanese origins donating, but so are the Canadian islanders and communities of other nationalities. The tragedy has touched everyone.

“We had a very good turnout and lots of support from local businesses and companies and private donations,” said Paul Haddad, an executive member of the association, to CBC News.

The Canadian Lebanese Association launched an online fundraiser and raised nearly $23,000 with success.

Donations came from residents, local businesses, and local service clubs, such as Kiwanis and Rotary Club, and also the Municipality of Cornwall.

Further initiatives by local restaurants, and a local church, had their own fundraisers and raised around $30,000.

Like most financial assistance, these donations will be sent directly to NGOs. These, in particular, will be donated to three organizations: the Lebanese Red Cross, Live2Love, and Lebanon Of Tomorrow.