10+ candies that Lebanese kids in the ’90s were obsessed with!

A typical Lebanese childhood includes getting scared of Abou Kis and drinking Bonjus on hot summer days! ’90s kids were obsessed with these candies!



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, has been a classic Lebanese snack since 1960. It is filled with marshmallow and covered with a thin chocolate layer.

Ghazl el banet

We all waited for “3ammo kaak” to show up in the afternoon so that we can buy cotton candy. Our parents tried their best not to let us eat ghazl el banet frequently.


Bonjus is a Lebanese juice brand. It looks appealing since it has the shape of a pyramid. It tastes nothing like pineapple, orange, or strawberry, but we love it! Of course, we had to blow the Bonjus and step on it to hear the satisfactory little explosion that melted our hearts. If it did not pop, we made several attempts until it worked, pretty much like a failed high five, but in the Lebanese way.

Shoe candy

“Sbabeet” is a Lebanese marshmallow that has the shape of a shoe. It has several flavors!

Lucky biscuits

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Lucky biscuits were always there for us when we ran out of other candies! They taste really good with lokum!


Kids these days will never know the pleasure of using the Chiclets box as a whistle! It’s the ultimate life hack!


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Dabke is the Oreo of Lebanon! All you have to do is separate the two layers of the biscuit and lick the cream!


We all knew a kid in school who always had a bag full of 2dameh!

Bubble Jug and Bubble Tape

These candies are definitely among the weirdest!

Bubble gum cigarettes

We felt so cool while “smoking” these bubble gum cigarettes!

Yan Yan

Finishing the creamy dip and the cracker sticks at the same time was challenging.


Our favorite chewy caramel candy!

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