This candy-colored café in Beirut is for unicorns only!

A month ago, we wrote about an American photographer named Matt Crump who turned Beirut into a

minimalist candy land

by using Photoshop and adding surreal candy colors to Beirut’s landmarks. A new café in Beirut is turning these pictures into reality! Candyfornia Caf


is the newest addition to Beirut’s cool cafés! It is candy-colored, and its aesthetic mixes Lebanese interior and Kawaii style.

Located on Rue Monot, Candyfornia is a coffee shop, a workspace, and a print shop at the same time. It also contains a small lounge and a design and photography studio, according to



Candyfornia serves smoothies, desserts, sandwiches, and salads! This place is where you can work and hang out in style! This café is definitely Instagram worthy!

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