Capernaum is Still Turning Celebrities’ Heads

Nadine Labaki is a genius. Whoever assumed that the buzz around her masterpiece would die with it losing the Oscar for Foreign Language Film, which it did to Roma, is dearly mistaken. Major British rock band Coldplay just tweeted about Capernaum and sleekly recommended it to their 23.8 million followers!


The tweet appears to be a screenshot of some notes the band took. In it, the seven-time Grammy Award-winning band addressed their fanbase with a short list of their music-of-choice at the moment. They concluded it advising their 23.8 million fans to “maybe watch the film Capernaum”!

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The tweet has already received over 14,000 likes and thousands of retweets, not to mention the buzz it created on Instagram. Among the retweeters was Nadine herself, who took to Twitter to thank the band.


Coldplay band isn’t the first major stars to give Capernaum a shout-out. Oprah had previously praised the film. In fact, she thought so highly of it that she invited Nadine and husband Khaled Mouzanar over for lunch at her California house/mansion.

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Also ready to dish out Capernaum-love was Josh Brolin, the star of Avengers Infinity War and an all-around prolific actor. Brolin wrote a lengthy post describing Capernaum as “A film reminding [him] why [he] loved films in the first place…” and attached a photo of the film’s poster, to which Barbra Streisand commented, “I loved this movie ! why wasn’t she [Nadine Labaki] nominated???”

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With a 5,000-strong fanbase in Lebanon, Coldplay has been number one on the list of bands requested for years now to perform in the country. The closest the band ever got to having a concert in Lebanon was back in 2016 when they performed to tens of thousands at the New Year’s Eve party in the UAE.


Although the celebrated rock band is yet to visit Lebanon, it is not due to their fans’ lack of trying.


Many Lebanese took the band’s tweet on Capernaum as an opportunity to remind Coldplay of their loyal followers in Lebanon, and as a promise of good news in the making.


Capernaum is Nadine Labaki’s third major picture. She features the story of Zain, a child born and raised in the hardship-infested slums of Beirut. The film, which has been screened around the world, has won the hearts of millions and earned nominations for both a Golden Globes and an Oscar.

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