Another 250,000 Captagon Pills Were Just Seized At The Beirut Airport

beirut airport
Beirut Airport

Captagon smuggling attempts brazenly continue in Lebanon after the controversial massive bust made by Saudi Arabian authorities in April. 

At the time, the bust cost Lebanon much more than a bad reputation with the Kingdom, it resulted in a ban of fruits and vegetables from Lebanon to KSA – a blow to Lebanon’s already crippled economy.

Just recently, Lebanese authorities seized around 250,000 Captagon pills hidden in small water pumps at the Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport.

The shipment was meant for Saudi Arabia

The Internal Security Forces (ISF) announced that it had arrested 3 people behind the smuggling attempt: A.A. (22, no ID), D.A. (44, Syrian), and M.S. (37, Lebanese). 

During interrogation, they confessed to running a drug smuggling network led by the youngest of the three. 

He had instructed the other two to go to Tripoli’s Beddawi area and receive a shipment of electric water pumps containing Captagon pills smuggled from Syria.


This bust comes with Lebanon’s heightened measures to thwart all drug smuggling attempts after the incident with Saudi Arabia. In the past year alone, drug traffickers in Lebanon have made upwards of $1.1 billion just by smuggling to Saudi Arabia.