Caracalla Gives A Splendid Performance In Saudi Arabia

Caracalla is one of the most prestigious and professional Middle Eastern dance group, based in Beirut.

The group has amazed the world with its top-class performances ever since it was founded in 1968 by Abdul Halim Caracalla, and becoming a legend in its own right.

Their dancing is body language art based on Martha Graham with a mix of Middle Eastern heritage. They have performed all over the world at the most prestigious theaters in cultural capitals.

They have conquered the world of dance and theater and captured the world’s recognition. Lebanese Dance theatre Caracalla will be performing for the first time in Saudi Arabia in Al-Ula city.

Their show narrates the legendary love story of Jamil and Bouthayna in the place it had originally occurred.

This show is performing for three consecutive days, from February 13th to 15th as part of the “Winter at Tantora Festival” at the Maraya Concert Hall.

This epic tale is by Jamil bin Ma’amar, an Arab poet that fell madly in love with Bouthayna Bint Hayyam. He was later renamed Jamil Bouthayna because of his love for Bouthayna.

This immortal love story is performed by Abdul Halim Caracalla, and a variety of famous actors, including Joseph Azar, Houda Haddad, Gabi Yammin, and Simon Obeid.

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من أعماق الأدب العربي إلى رحاب واحة العجائب، تطل المسرحية الغنائية "أسطورة العشق في العلا"، لتحاكي ماضي العلا ومستقبلها، والمستوحاة من قصة الشاعر جميل بن معمر الذي نظم أروع القصائد في محبوبته بثينة بنت حيان فانتهت كواحدة من أجمل قصص الحب في التراث الإنساني! #العلا #شتاء_طنطورة #جميل_بثينة A rooted Arabic legend comes to the land of wonders! The musical “A Love Legend from the Oasis of Al Ula” inspired by AlUla’s past and future, and by the Poetry of Jamil who fell madly in love with Bouthayna and gave us an eternal story in world literature! #AlUla #WinterAtTantora #JamilAndBouthayna #CaracallaTheatre #CaracallaTakesAlUla @caracalladancetheatre . . #AmelBouchoucha | @amelbouchoucha | . #النحات #مسلسل_النحات #امل_بوشوشة #أمل_بوشوشة #أمل_بوشوشة_أفضل_ممثلة_عربية #امل_بوشوشة_نجمة_الجزائر #أمل_بوشوشة_نجمة_الجزائر_الأولى #افضل_ممثلة_عربية #أفضل_ممثلة_عربية #نجمة_الجزائر_الاولى #نجمة_الدراما_العربية #زهرة_الدراما_العربية #actress #fashion #fashionista #glamour #algeria #algerie #beirut #egypt #follow ??????? @amelbouchoucha

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The main characters of Jamil and Bouthaina are played by Samer Ismail and Amal Bashousha, an Algerian actress.

Actors, singers, and performers from all over the world are participating in the show of this very famous love story.

Abdul Halim Caracalla shared with Arab News: “This unique story was born in Al-Ula and introduced one of the most remarkable tales of immortal love that took place in the heart of the desert.”

“The Winter at Tantora Festival is the perfect platform to bring this tale back to life for the whole world to see,” he added. 

Guests are experiencing a unique musical performance, immersed back in time in the 680 A.D.’s story of Jamil and Bouthayna, which is still being taught in Arab Literature school classes to date.

And who’s better to revive that incredible story than the incredible Caracalla!

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