Carlos Ghosn Just Published A Book About His Infamous Story

Carlos Ghosn Just Published A Book About His Infamous Escape From Japan

“Wait until I publish my book!” Carlos Ghosn taunted the Japanese government in April when he revealed he was working on a book that would have new information about the ordeal that led to him becoming the world’s most notorious corporal fugitive.

Earlier this month, “Le Temps de la Verite” (Time for the Truth) was published, and it touches on the 2018-2020 series of events that ended in his daring escape from Japan to Lebanon.

In his new book, available only in French, the former Nissan and Renault chairman takes jabs at Nissan, Renault, the governments of France and Japan, the latter’s justice system, journalists, and his first defense lawyers team.

He also delves into the details of his arrest in November 2018, his interrogation by the Japanese authorities, and other aspects of his battle with Japan’s judiciary.

With that said, however, the book, co-authored by French journalist Philippe Riès, largely sticks to the defense Ghosn’s lawyers have already presented, according to Bloomberg.

This defense includes claiming a lack of proof for the financial misconduct accusations that led to his arrest and interrogation in Japan.

Aside from that, the book sheds light on Ghosn’s achievements throughout his long career in the automotive industry.

Ghosn, who is currently residing in Beirut, is set to appear in a documentary and a mini-series about his life.

The fugitive businessman recently revealed that he is expecting a visit from French investigators who are set to question him over expenses covered by a Dutch subsidiary of Renault and Nissan.