Carlos Ghosn May Be Seeking New Refuge… In Brazil

Carlos Ghosn may be seeking refuge in Brazil
Nissan Motor Co.

Since his shocking arrival in Beirut near the beginning of 2020, Japan has tried several methods to get a hold of Carlos Ghosn again.

With the risk of Lebanese authorities extraditing him looming, Ghosn may be looking to Brazil.

The former Nissan boss is apparently not taking any chances after the colossal one he took back in December. After regaining his freedom from Japan’s “injustice,” retaining it is undoubtedly a top priority of his at this time.

Ghosn has said that the support he had seen from the people and authorities of Lebanon throughout his 14 months of detention in Japan was what encouraged him to choose it as a refuge, in addition to his wife being in Lebanon at that time.

Now, Ghosn may be seeking the same kind of support from his birthplace, Brazil. The 66-year-old businessman is now in talks with the Brazilian Embassy in Beirut to attempt to secure asylum in Brazil, Asia Times reported.

The Lebanese-Brazilian-French “Cost Killer” has been residing in his Beirut house since before the abrupt pause of his long quarrel with the Japanese judicial system resulted in an INTERPOL Red Notice being issued for his name.

Perhaps the combined pressure of this warrant and the possibility that Japan will veto the International Monetary Fund’s financial support for Lebanon may prompt the country to give in and extradite Carlos Ghosn.

It’s worth mentioning an important fact, however, which is that Lebanon lacks an extradition agreement with Japan and has a history of not extraditing its citizens, and those are things that Ghosn is well-aware of.

Back in January, he told Al-Jazeera, “I have plans but I’ve yet to decide on them,” in response to a question of whether he has future plans.

Could asylum in Brazil be one of those plans?

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