Lebanese-Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim Will Help Rebuild Beirut Port

The Beirut Port Explosion ruined Lebanon’s capital port and surrounding buildings, ruining the modern city Beirut, once “Paris of the Middle City”.

Incoming donations from worldwide countries have been pumping in non-stop to aid the Lebanese impacted by the world’s second-biggest non-nuclear explosion.

Lebanese business leaders in Canada are now rushing to lend support, forming a coalition to fundraise for Lebanon. In Latin America, business leaders of Lebanese origins are also reportedly mobilizing to help.

Among them, Amin Seiden Karam, head of the Lebanese Center in Mexico, and Carlos Slim will take part in reconstructing Beirut, according to an announcement made by Karam.

During his interview on Beirut’s explosion with Noticias MVS radio station, Amin Karam issued: “We are campaigning to send resources to the Red Cross office in Lebanon, and there are entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to rebuild the port of Beirut.”

“Carlos Slim will help with the reconstruction,” he added.

As known to all, Carlos Slim is one of the top 10 richest entrepreneurs. Surely, he won’t miss out on helping the nation that has always taken pride in him.

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